The Phish Got Away

As hard as I tried, it wasn’t enough. Last Friday I logged on at 11 a.m. to enter the pre-ticket queue. Once the clock struck noon I was then given a “random” number and required to wait in yet another queue for my chance to get tickets.

After about 10 minutes went by, I was getting nervous. I imagined how many other people must be scrambling to buy the same tickets I was after and there I was, sitting and waiting for my turn. Finally, I’m able to select the 3 day field pass and click “Add to cart.” But then the dreaded error message: Tickets are not available in this section. For the next 40 minutes I desperately tried to refresh the page, opened new windows, and kept clicking the same button to buy tickets over and over. It was no use, unfortunately.

While this was going on, I was texting my friend who was also trying to buy tickets and had no luck either. He told me that he checked on StubHub and found that hundreds of tickets had already been posted for twice the face value. Keep in mind, this happened less than an hour after they went on sale. The bots beat us to it and we both felt scammed and cheated out of our time.

It really is a shame this had to happen but I’ve come to accept it. I’ll look forward to going to the lots this Labor Day weekend, holding my finger up, and hoping for a miracle.


I Lost the Lottery

Hello, Phriends!

It’s official. My first blog post! I’m excited to begin this blog and to start sharing my thoughts on live music, Phish, and everything else in between. Unfortunately, this first post is less upbeat than I was hoping it would be.

You might be wondering what I mean with my somewhat ambiguous title. Well, let me explain. I lost the Phish ticket lottery. Again.

Phish recently announced their Summer tour and they are concluding in epic fashion at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park over Labor Day Weekend as they have done the past 7 years. I’ve been attending since 2014 but I went to all three nights for the first time last year. Obviously, I was ecstatic when I heard the announcement and I hopefully tossed my hat in the ring once again for the ticket request. But the memory of last year’s experience getting tickets was still fresh in my mind. I had optimism for this year but also a sense of realism that the chances of me getting tickets were pretty low and that I would have to fight for it during the public sale. Even though I was prepared for this harsh reality, it still stings.

Rewind to about this time last year. I jumped on the ticket request as soon as I could, selected “field only” as my preference, and crossed my fingers. The request period came to an end and I got that gloomy email in response that begins with “We regret to inform you…” However, I had another shot when the public tickets went on sale. I refreshed the ticket page the second it opened and it froze. Thousands of people were doing the exact same thing. The website was crashing. I started panicking.

“What if I can get any tickets?!” I desperately tried to secure my coveted field tickets over and over again only to see the message “Tickets are not available in that section.” Plan B. I started trying for tickets in the stands instead. After several unavailable messages I was finally able to score a three day pass by some miracle. I counted my blessings and felt fortunate to be going at all because the entire allotment of tickets sold out within minutes.

Today I received that same disappointing email that my request had been denied. But this year is different. Yes, I will be trying again to get public tickets the moment they go on sale. Yes, I am mentally preparing myself for the inevitable chaos that ensues. No, I won’t be settling for the stands.

I had an amazing time last year at each night and it was an experience I’ll never forget. It was fun to see what the stands were like. But after getting a taste of being down on the field, in what I refer to as the “Phishbowl,” the stands don’t come close. The energy on the field is electric, you are with thousands of other Phans, the sound is thunderous, and you can actually see the guys on stage doing their thing. I need to get back there this year and even if I can’t get the public tickets, I’ll find a way.

Anyone who is interested in more information about Phish’s Summer tour and ticket information, please follow the links below!

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