My name is Brendan and I love going to concerts! I have been to 6 Phish shows and listened to hundreds more. Plus, I like to live stream their shows as well, known as “couch-touring.” I am constantly listening to music, mostly jam band artists such as: Phish, Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, Dopapod, Aqueous, Spafford, Papadosio, and many others. I’ve seen all of these bands listed live several times (minus the Dead) so I believe I can speak from a certain level of firsthand experience with their music.

After going to shows, I enjoy looking at the setlists to analyze the song selection and placement. It is also fun to try to find the jams that really got my attention and listen to them again. I think this blog will be a great place to share my thoughts on the shows I attend and I hope it will start discussion amongst other fans.

I’m no “expert” by any means, but I have a passion for the music and going to concerts is something I have loved to do for a number of years. These thoughts are all my own, feel free to agree or disagree them, they’re neither right or wrong. I just want to create a unique and entertaining place for others who share an interest in the same music to read what I have to say and gain new perspectives!